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Sarah Palin's Misogyny
..... how misogyny stole the Christian message

this essay is all over the place.... if you are prepared to feel g forces of theme flux, then read on...

The essential irony of Palin's candidacy is that the feminist movement is firmly rooted in progressive left thinking, yet Palin hails from the whacky soccer mom far out right. Granted. Palin's beliefs are not progressive at all,but actually part of the continuing studies in the ancient mold of the early mysogynists who set up the current macho thinking we have inherited over a couple millennia or so. In sex alone does she buck the system. In every other utterance she is anything but rooted in progressive thought. Indeed, Palin's world view in its pure form represents one of the most antiquated and unimaginative still surviving views of "man's" narrative on the planet. One that was founded upon state and religious based misogyny thousands of years ago. Though the early "church fathers,"after the death of Christ, would never have referred to themselves as misogynists, establishing moral codes and state laws that made women the property of men, that's what they were. That's what we all come from and still are to a large extent. It is a bible based view, with an historical record and it still represents the foundation of much of our cutural value system today. In the West this view became fixed with the acceptance of Christianity as the state religion by the declining Roman Empire desperately trying to keep it all together. This world view early on linked religious structures w/ male dominated power based hierarchies......

These beliefs today, if adhered to in their literal forms, are counter Enlightenment, and are outright dangerous when incorporated into the philosophical framework of those who would "lead us" from the highest offices in the world..... whether Christian, Muslim .... whatever.... For example, if the Rapture is near at hand, why work toward any global warming policy to save the planet, or reach out to sit down unconditionally with the swarthy "Muslim Moor" billions of people strong planet wide.

........Truly the ultimate tragedy of this age old misogyny proves consequent in the 3'rd world where people are still bought and sold, mostly women and children, and daily continue to die of starvation, lack of water and disease.........

.......So, therefore, the conservative position by strictphilosophical definition, is against feminism, because frminism suggests radical and fundamental change It is amazing and encouraging that less than 100 years after women's suffrage here in America, the feminist movement has effected the collective psyche enough to the
point where a critical mass has tipped the balance enough for a women to be a viable candidatefor the highest office here in the U.S.. Finally, though, here in the American empire, and Europe as well, the dominant and most
we are still firmly based on male dominated
hierarchical structures......... We are still closer to our ancient roots, closer to Rome, than we are to our potential becoming.

a brief digression into Obama... then back to the Palin phenomena

Barack Obama perhaps is unaware of this dimension of his presidency, and does not seem to act consciously toward cultivating the cult of his own personality,thank god, but just the symbol of the man OUT OF AFRICA ,and Indonesia, Hawaii and Harvard law school.....the man w/ 3 vowells in his name open O in the beginning; open A in the middle.... opening out again with an A ...... compare all the other Presidents names and nothing comes close to this open vowelled name. They are all white male anglo saxon names. Reminds me of the French sybolist poet Rimbaud- this fix on the vowellic sounds of the man's name ... the music and rythm of it all..... this is a far more profound yet sweetly passive a revolution than we Americans yet realise. The stage upon which this Obama revolution will pay out effecting subliminal modes of thought here in America and in more overt ways as he strides out into the world w/ new notions of the rules of engagement on a global level,remains to be seen. All signs though seem to suggest, and this is premature wishfull thinking, that this is the true genius of his intelligence.

In essence the hope is that the change we all seek, whether unwittingly, symbolically, consciously or not, in OUR CHOICE FOR LEADERSHIP moves the entire species in ever so small social tectonic shifts. But these shifts in the direction of this new mode traject out to a place that history itself calls for if we are to survive the nuclear era. How on earth are we to survive this era when the likes of Bush and Cheney, and their heir apparents in McCain/Palin, pronounce the very word nuclear as "nucular", as Bush does for criss sakes!!! In so many ways, in signs and symbols; in how we entertain ourselves, in the cults of hollywood, further entrenching our collective ignorance WE ARE STLL THE ANCIENTS... just look at the pediments and freizes the Doric columns supporting the lintels of the grand edifices in all the capitols of the West.We are still stuck in the ethos of Rome and Greece. Lovely heritage both, but we must now move on and Obama represents our best bet, here anyway, of making the first leap to the next level of becoming aware of eachother in the global sense.In essence the shackles born over hundreds of generations steeping us in insular nationalisms and tribalisms and all things suggesting belonging to local biases are at least beginning to be noticed at last. Palin, bless her beautiful feminine countenance, harkens backward in her thinking if not in her sex. It will likely be a few generations passing before we actually manifest the changes coming out of this awareness, but Obama, the symbol of the man, more than the man himself, is our best bet now moving in this direction...

back to Palin

...................Sad for us and for Palin that in every other way, via her creationism, witch exorcisms, attempted book censoring stuff, .......on and on- her conservative views represent some of the worst of the old male dominated model that
we need so much to dismantle if true progress is to be made in
terms of not only how the sexes in this country relate but how the
countries of mother earth or Gaia relate. The term "feminism" needs
to be broadened so that it incorporates the concept of the feminist
chi, or the "mother energy" in all of us... men and women....
......This "mother energy" was long ago expunged from both sexes,
(mostly men),when the conquering barbarian cultures and the
ancient Homeric and Hebrew, ( I am not talking about the Jews here
and this is not an anti semitic stance here), began to dominate
not only the world, but to imprison the mind into how it relates to
self and to Mother Earth. This is why Palin wants to drill,drill, drill, as in rape, rape, rape, thrust, thrust, thrust, dominate, dominate, dominate. This
world was given to "Man" , bequeathed to man by god as "his agent
to do his will and to use the fruits of the land etc.,

Sarah, unbeknownst to her is an inheritor of this philosophy. She believes
that "fucking the earth" is our divine right because it was given
to us, (To Adam and his male seed actually) by a male god 6 thousand years
ago and is solely for the paragon of beings to exert power and dominion over. It
was indeed mostly men that proceeded from the so called "garden"
and began this campaign of dominion over all the earth. We are
still living in this age. In this sense we are still the ANCIENTS

.......As far as Palin goes, what an irony to have such male oriented
misogyny packaged in such a petite and alluring feminine form!....
This is hard to digest for men who, from their cerebral highground, wrestle with their limbic systems

….I'm working on an essay titled "The Dream of Sarah" It is a male wet
dream desiring the best for Palin's erotic as well as cerebral enlightenment moving through time........ Sarah time travels through the ages cast out from the "garden" , and as a "fallen temptress" she takes a number of lovers and husbands, (all in the male dominant model), and finally arrives at the
the windswept- curtains billowed in window sill of Voltaire @ his writing desk at the highpoint of the French Enlightenment.
Voltaire then morphs into the libertine Casanova who looks like Fabio.They spend rapacious nights reading Sapphos poetry by candlelight, Rousseau's and
Dennis Diederots writings, Candide and all the rest. She is beginning to break as she combines the sensual beauty of Sappho's poetry with Rousseau's championing of the noble savage finally revealing herself in a sensuous striptease under Voltaire's brightly lit candlelabra. Revealing herself to voltaire and to the "Enlightenment" finally becoming truly modern by casting off these age old shackles that have been with her since the days she left paradise..

as dust gathers on her Old Testament bible


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