Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama and The Tarnished City On The Hill

I am so disappointed in Obama... I loved the man, was an admitted zealot. Some of my credentials to wit: My niece and I designed this poster/flyer. (see above). I was a mad Reverian troubadour who did not fit into the local Democratic chapters organizing in the burbs of D.C ., so I broke out solo with evangelical fervor passing this flyer out and barnstorming to get the man into office. Yes, I seized my one man franchise, my indivisible and inalienable right waving my partisan flag as vigorously as I could before I cast my single vote. I talked to any and everyone who would bear my apostolic gospel. My job as a truck driver for Home Depot was in jeopardy because I proselytized during work hours; I didn’t care and railed into the walkie talkie at my “Christian Minister” supervisor that he was- that we all are- “flesh cogs” and “consumer pods” on a Gargantuan corporate assembly line, (actually I used the term “Frankensteinian,” corporate assembly line) to which he replied, “What the…”? Upon reflection I now realize that this rantful radio cant was intelligently stupid of me, but , what the heh. Eventually, a year later, my “supervisor” fired me, and with relish too when the economy tanked. You see, “Corporate,” as he referred to the head office, could handle my rife and raging incantations over the walkie talkie, but fired me because the numbers, the profit margins were narrowing. It’s just business, you see. At least all parties in this little tale were true to their mission statements I guess….
Blah, blah… onto the task at hand…..

So now, Obama’s erudition and his well-schooled politiques- always honing to the metronomic middle ground- are liabilities. Now we desperately need strong, clear toned clarion calls, partisan to no party but common sense. The 2 parties are no longer relevant to meet the necessities of our situation; they are in fact countervailing deterrents to the Democracy itself! We need a leader to hold a core with simple conviction and passion, from whatever quarter he/she hails, it does not matter. Read some of FDR’s speeches from his first term and you’ll see what I mean. Obama’s cool, unflappable bearing now only undermines much of what he stood for b4 he became president. Now I see that it is my shortcoming, my overextended hope and Platonic projection that we could stem the sleazy tide, that we might arrest this dark corporate coup creeping insidiously in our midst and begin to really understand the peril we are in here; that Utopia might never be attained - even attainable, but that we might begin to think and act in that direction, and that Obama might’ve begun this awakening leadership. The fault is not Obama’s. It is mine for expecting and imagining that this was still possible through the time tested right and rite of the election process. I am not so sure it is possible anymore. I am of a mind that we are being slowly hollowed out and that corporate intelligent design has it all well rigged and veneered w/ so much calculation.

We need an apolitical standard bearer of reason and commonsense now, a leader who acts w/out regard to her own future in office, or to his “next term”. We need someone to fight an all-out and openly avowed insurgency against the dark prevailing wave of corporate cancer- as FDR surely was in word and deed!....we need someone now that screams passionately from the roof of the Whitehouse that we are in deep, deep shit and it's not only just about this country and its selfish myopics anymore, not just about this puritan notion of " The Shining City on a Hill," but, rather, this small, fragile, life threatened and miraculously unique little “blue dot” spinning in the cosmos...

As fer me, it’s Bernie Sanders for now. He’s the only guy on the horizon who might have the vision and who might start for these simple, yet so need changes. He has not a whit of a chance now, but who knows, considering a largely dumbed down and numbed up corporate formed electorate, but he’s the only potential candidate who might have a chance if the tide changes a bit- what marine biologists and weather people refer to as a “spring tide” is what we need.

As for me , I’m fed up w/ all my own fbook , easy chair, pole sitting , action-less schlock. I’m outta here and headed to Obama’s House, to our house, to the Whitehouse, to sit w/ the protesters against the massive XL Tar Sands oil pipeline project that threatens destruction of vast areas of arboreal Canadian forest. It has been so well hyped, and lobbied by the Dark Vader brothers ,David and Charles Koch. We all gotta start somewhere.


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