Thursday, October 28, 2010

Homer and the Smell of Napalm in the Morning

this is an excerpt from a dialog on fb.

> It is the pungent smell of Homer in the morning that continues to draw the heady smoke enwreathed ethos consecrating the fallen warriors on the haunted battlefields down the centuries. Homer is the root cause of all this . It is the Homer in all of us who still sucks in the rife napalm rising off the burnt remains of the noble soldier strewn across history. War is simply the grossest of human conduct, period. Though sometimes necessary, in defense against venturing despots who propel their cannon fodder through stirring tear rending orations on the "fatherland," and the like, war is the single most abominable and anomalous of human behaviors. All this romance bequeathed to the progeny of the Homeric ideal, speak of the violent hegemonic gene that has been portrayed as the dominant expression in the human allele. If we do not war, the reasoning goes, we are reduced to a feminized culture, neutered of the male gamete sack. This has been a long standing Homeric refrain sung for hundreds of generations. Well, fuck Homer and all his idealistic progeny wrought of his epic poetry. Fuck all his warring honor schlock the Western canon has swallowed and mimicked through all the descending ages hence. What andocratic taint we have codified into human nature erroneously because of the power and cascading influence of his poetry.

It's high time for us to just get over it!

It is high time to associate masculine qualities with the “peaceful gene,” departing from the sheer mass inertia of history, w/ all its emphases on the glory, honor and valor of the masculine warrior; the romantic warrior carried in all these hymns de la guerre, these epic blood drenched poems; these noble statues and masterpieces of literature and history that weigh so heavily upon the virtue-less decline of an emasculated culture if we do not war. This is an inherited madness we as a species are simply too underdeveloped to imagine. We are still The Ancients if we do not begin to see this. This is not an apologist's position for pacifism either. Pacifism in a world where despots like Saddam Hussein still thrive, is madness. But to glorify and romanticize war only perpetuates its continuing legacy.

The real Glory and Purification that is our due after three thousand years of trial and error, is the ultimate transcendent mind of humanity when collectively it decides that there is no just cause that can possibly impel a nation to venture an offensive war. And if this ever comes to pass, there will be no cause ever to fight a defensive wars either. The essence of the true masculine to protect through peace might finally be realized. If we begin for this mark, the other recessive allele of peace might finally be seen in a masculine light. The seeds to this ultimate logic can only be planted by deconstructing this past ethos spun by Homer first, but then all the succeeding cultures who have carried the torch of war as a defining element in human nature and of the virtuous citizen. This is the Kool-Aid we have been drinking for nearly three thousand years, totally unaware that we are even drinking it.

So fuck Homer and all his glorious epic poetry of violence,valor and death and sacrifice!



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