Friday, April 08, 2011

Pink Elephants and the Male God

I'm not as studied a student of the monotheisms as I should be, but even if the instruction manuals do not include a specific reference on the male god as el grande hefe deity, it has always gone as a given that this is what god is: a man. Forget the pink elephant. Think GOD!........ See what I mean??

In Islam, what is seen in the mind's eye during prayer when going prostrate before Allah? In Christianity, when the host is being con celebrated by a number of male priests, what figure inhabits the mind? Try as I might, I simply cannot conceive of god in the feminine. Can you? Does anybody? I'd love to change all this just in my own mind. I can't. It is firmly steeped in our myth, our social code, our genetic meme. The only way I can get out of it briefly is by building intellectual structures that seem artificial and contrived to me while trying to reconcile my own philosophical predispositions. This is what I'm doing right now in this fb post.

I'm sure at some point, when I am feeble of mind and dervishing toward the great spiraling Gyre,I will likely mumble a plaintive prayer to the male god meme fused into my brain in its gloaming decline.
The early drafters of the Christian saga- the Paulines and the Augustinians- thought there might be some sticking power if the messiah deity became man incarnate and the "son of god" too. What a brilliant stroke to co-opt the creation and sacrifice themes well part of the Hebrew tradition for millennial before the birth of Christ.
So folks the preponderant historical weight and thrust of the male god inhabits our collective conscious. It's hard to "step out" even if you plasticize your mind to break the molded ceramic of its conditioning. It is in the water we drink, the air we breathe, the songs we sing, the icons we pay homage to. It's everywhere omnipervasive. It speaks to an overarching emphasis that invests more power, wisdom, intelligence, self-sacrifice, hero fixation, moral turpitude and all that stuff that has been overlaid on the masculine side of god's creation. One can ponder for a moment, while loosed from the shackles of this male heist,where the world and its inhabitants would be if the god idea had been infused with the feminine force instead.

The world would be a far better place I think if the feminine mystique had prevailed a few thousand years ago and was cast as the predominant player in human nature.


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