Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Grinch's Return to the Ghost of the Future.

2008 represents the beginning of the Great Change. We hit the world growth limit wall in 08. Many economic growth charts support this evidence. Given the current world population (7 billion) available resources and the fossil fuel sourced economies delivering those resources, we have hit a terminus of resistance that begins, at best, a flat growth sustained economy- in the beginning at least..
It has been an explicit and implicit expectation, especially since the 1980's, that the future is larger than the present and the past is smaller than the present.

That concept is now history...... into the distant foreseeable future anyway..

It is the realization of this historic moment that will cause most of the strife over the next 50 years. Before the Great Change begins in earnest, a correction period will ensue, and that process began in 2008. This correction period will mean great suffering for many, many millions, perhaps billions of people. This has already begun and will escalate over the next decade. Welcome to the future we warned our grandchildren about, folks! It's arrived a century earlier than expected.


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